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Welcome to Living Art™!

Living Art™ is a creative idea, it's a design concept, it's your imagination...Living Art™ combines art and plants to create vibrant, living decors on walls and in spaces.

At Living Art™, our product line and imagination are endless. Perhaps your desire is to design an entire lobby wall with air plants. Or grow an Herb Garden on your restaurant patio wall. Living Art™ will help you design, install and maintain your Living Art™ plant walls and displays for your office, commercial and urban residential spaces.

Whether your project is large or small, indoors or outdoors, we provide the resources and solutions to make your decor magnificent. Our track record for creative expertise, installing the best products in the industry and incomparable service will help you turn your empty space into Living Art.

Our designs feature only natural or recycled products. So, Go Green and Go Clean with Living Art™. We bring to life a living and working environment which is cleaner, healthier and stress-reducing for your employees, clients and family...where you feel better, perform better and breathe better.

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Living Art™  Making the world a better place to live.™